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Adrianne Summer

Author of The Colonel's Contraband and The Ronin Affair


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ER nurse and herbalist Seraphina Laurent descends from a line of women abandoned by their men and doomed to loneliness and longing. While assisting at the Weld House Museum, she is captivated by a portrait of the handsome Colonel Aaron Weld before she suddenly collapses. Seraphina wakes in 1862 Virginia during the Civil War, contraband of the Union Army.

But when Weld appears and notices her rare beauty and healing skills, he’s determined to elicit her help and to make her his. However, Seraphina isn’t ready to become the loved and left, a certainty unless they can bridge time.

The Colonel's Contraband Cover

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About Adrianne Summer

“I swim beneath the surface waiting to breakthrough, afraid I am no different than the other fish, yet knowing deep down I am.”

Adrianne Summer

I write for others to feel. I pour myself onto every page, into every character. I want to evoke emotion... make people think. What genre am I? Where do I fit? I don't. I am a genre unto myself.

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