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Adrianne Summer


Adrianne Summer is a writer and author with a pen for love.

Be it tragic, forbidden, or happily ever after, Summer’s lovers steam up the pages with sensuality and depth unique to her voice. 

A graduate of the University of California Davis, Adrianne’s background in Sociology gives her a singular perspective on

the human condition that allows her to create authentic and unexpected characters you will love to watch fall in love.

When not pages deep in books on writing or researching her next novel, Adrianne can be found outside in her patio garden, enjoying her succulents and roses, never far from a cup of tea.

She lives in California.

Her debut novel The Ronin Affair is available now.


Available Now

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ER nurse and herbalist Seraphina Laurent descends from a line of women abandoned by their men and doomed to loneliness and longing. While assisting at the Weld House Museum, she is captivated by a portrait of the handsome Colonel Aaron Weld before she suddenly collapses. Seraphina wakes in 1862 Virginia during the Civil War, contraband of the Union Army.

But when Weld appears and notices her rare beauty and healing skills, he’s determined to elicit her help and to make her his. However, Seraphina isn’t ready to become the loved and left, a certainty unless they can bridge time.

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Age is more than just a number...

Bright, beautiful, and fiercely independent, sixteen-year-old Solis Monroe is a force of nature.

Born to a mother broken by abuse and neglect, Solis learned hard lessons about love and trust early.

A sexy, charming, older Ronin Jackson tests those lessons


For Solis, love and trust prove to be powerful aphrodisiacs, and his seduction ignites a reckless passion that will change her life forever.

Forty-year-old Ronin Jackson has it all: an attractive and accomplished wife, two cute little boys, a thriving law practice, and all the trappings of wealth.

But something was missing—Solis Monroe.

Stunning with a quick wit and alluring smile, she captivates him. Knowing her love could destroy his life, Ronin tries to resist, but the hunger she stirs in him won’t be denied.


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Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair

“Glad I read it. Pleasantly Surprising.”

"The Ronin Affair" was referred to me by a friend. I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed this book. Adrianne Summer has a fresh modern writing style. I am going to keep a lookout for more of her novels. There is minimal descriptive narration; her characters tell the story through much of their dialogue. It was as if I was invisible and plopped smack dab into the middle of their lives. I felt as if I was eavesdropping on some very serious conversations!
At first appearance, "The Ronin Affair" gives the impression of being a simple popcorn novel with a scandalous angle; but in truth it has a depth that has left me thinking of the story several weeks after reading the book. My friend and I were ignited by the story and talked and shared ideas after we had both read it. I am delighted that I heard about this book and read something out of my normal realm. It would be a great book club choice because many people would have a different point of view.


Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair

“Lust or Love?”

The Ronin Affair is a page turner. Why would an adult man with seemingly everything risks his family life, his professional life, his community placing? Is it lust or love? Who should suffer the consequences of this affair; the jilted wife, the vulnerable young lover, or the man with everything? This is a great escape reading ride with thought provoking considerations. Check it out.

Syreeta B.

Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair


The Ronin Affair... wow!! This is a MUST read. The author did an amazing job from beginning to end.



Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair

“I couldn’t put it down!”

I really enjoyed reading this book! All the characters are very complex. I fell in love with the main characters! The chapters are very short, so it made it easy to read in a relatively short time. I am really looking forward to Adrienne’s next book!

Was not too sure of a story about a 40-year-old man wooing an underage girl. But they both needed real unselfish love in different ways. I could not put this book down! I had smiles and tears all through this roller coaster! Can’t wait for Adrienne’s next book!


Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair

“Unselfish Love.”

Was not too sure of a story about a 40-year-old man wooing an underage girl. But they both needed real unselfish love in different ways. I could not put this book down! I had smiles and tears all through this roller coaster! Can’t wait for Adrienne’s next book!


Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair

“Her words are so professional.”

This is a great book easy to read and a great story
Adrianne Summer you did a great job God bless you keep writing


Amazon Reader - The Ronin Affair

“Highly Recommend!”

So good!!! This book really had me up till the wee hours of the morning to see what happened next, the story was very exciting, detailed and had me on a roller coaster of emotions about the characters! Great read and highly recommend.



Amazon Reader - The Colonel’s Contraband

“Beautiful Love Story!”

The Colonel’s Contraband is a beautiful love story from start to finish. I love the way Adrianne Summer’s writing literally envelopes you into the story where you actually feel like you are there in person watching the action unfold. This book whisks you away to a time that shall never be forgotten, a time of slavery, war, breaths of freedom and reminders of hatred and racism. Almost to perfection, the story does a great job of overshadowing a horrific event with a story of true love and sacrifice. Great job Adrianne Summer!


Amazon Reader - The Colonel’s Contraband

“You will not be able to put this book down.”

A lovely story of magic, love, and a family’s history all in one. I haven’t felt the pull to read for a long time, but my friend wrote a book and when I found out it was a book about medicine and history, boy I was hooked!! Please pick up a copy and enjoy.


Amazon Reader - The Colonel’s Contraband

“History and Love.”

I loved the Civil War history and the love story between the Colonel and Seraphina. I couldn’t stop reading to see what would happen next!


Goodreads - The Colonel’s Contraband

”Awesome read!”

Couldn't put it down!! Characters well developed. Great plot. Historically and culturally accurate. Draws you in and makes you gasp, hold your breath, and cry. Loved the surprise ending....I reread the last 5 chapters at least 5 times!! Then went back and reread the first 5 chapters. It was well worth missing a day of chores. Way to go, Adrianne! Can't wait for your next book!!!









The Colonel's Contraband is now on consignment at The Napa Bookmine



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