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The Colonel's Contraband (2022)

ER nurse and herbalist Seraphina Laurent descends from a line of women abandoned by their men and doomed to loneliness and longing. While assisting at the Weld House Museum, she is captivated by a portrait of the handsome Colonel Aaron Weld before she suddenly collapses. Seraphina wakes in 1862 Virginia during the Civil War, contraband of the Union Army.

But when Weld appears and notices her rare beauty and healing skills, he’s determined to elicit her help and to make her his. However, Seraphina isn’t ready to become the loved and left, a certainty unless they can bridge time.


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New Release

The Ronin Affair (2020)

Age is more than just a number...

Bright, beautiful, and fiercely independent, sixteen-year-old Solis Monroe is a force of nature.

Born to a mother broken by abuse and neglect, Solis learned hard lessons about love and trust early.

A sexy, charming, older Ronin Jackson tests those lessons

For Solis, love and trust prove to be powerful aphrodisiacs, and his seduction ignites a reckless passion that will change her life forever.

Forty-year-old Ronin Jackson has it all: an attractive and accomplished wife, two cute little boys, a thriving law practice, and all the trappings of wealth.

But something was missing—Solis Monroe.

Stunning with a quick wit and alluring smile, she captivates him. Knowing her love could destroy his life, Ronin tries to resist, but the hunger she stirs in him won’t be denied.

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